Teen Gym

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Teen Gym for 11-15 year olds

A teen gym membership gives you access to the gym, swimming, group exercise classes and the running track - all in one monthly membership. 

There's no joining fee, just a simple direct debit of £15/month. 

Our gyms include a range of cardio, resitance, cable and free weight equipment. Our team will give you your own personal fitness plan too.

You can use the gym during supervised sessions or with someone age 18+ who has had an induction. 

  West Park Leisure Centre
Rutland Sports Park  
Friesland Sports Centre   
Monday 3:00-5pm   3:15-5pm
Tuesday  3:00-5pm 3:30-5pm  
Wednesday 3:00-5pm   3:15-5pm
Friday   3:30-5pm  
Saturday 10am-12noon 1-3pm  
Sunday 10am-12noon 10am-12noon  

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