frequently asked questions

We allocate a 1 hour time slot for your induction. The induction may not take a full hour dependant on your previous gym experience.

You'll need to arrive 5 minutes before your booking to complete a PAR Q form. (Pre Activity Readiness Questionnaire)

We require you to fill out a PAR Q form and be inducted onto our equipment. Gym equipment can differ in the way they are operated and it is our policy that all Health Club users are fully inducted on our equipment.

Please wear comfortable workout clothes and trainers. You will be exercising during your induction. Strictly no denim.

A bottle (no glass) of fluid to keep you hydrated during your session, a gym towel and relevant payment and bank details if you are intending on taking out a membership. A comprehensive list of memberships and prices are available here.
Yes. We have lockers available in both the male and female changing areas, they require a £1, 50p or 20p coin to operate. There are also showers and hairdryers available for your use. The hairdryers require a 20p coin to operate.

Each centre's opening hours are available here.
Yes. Each site offers free car parking with designated bays for disabled users, motorcycles, mini buses and bikes.
Yes if you are using the gym at West Park or Rutland.  It is not neccesary at Friesland Sports Centre. You require a TGS key to operate our Technogym equipment. The TGS key has many functions and benefits including, storing and recording all of your workout data, storing your personal programme details and acting as a messaging tool for your trainer to keep you up to date with all relevant information. We use Technogym's mywellness system at West Park and Rutland which means you can also track your movements on the go and can see your workout on a PC or handheld smart devices. 

As a member you have priority booking. You can book onto group exercise classes online at 12:01am, 7 days before the class. You may only book on the member that is logged.

If you wish to book in person, you can do so at any centre 7 days before the class from 10am. If your class starts at 10am you can book 1 hour before the start of the class. You may book yourself and one other person onto a class when you book at a centre.  

If you have opted for a non contract membership, you can cancel at any time; if you have a contracted membership the term is 6 months. If you wish to cancel before your committed term is completed, you will be subject to a cancellation fee which is highlighted on our cancellation forms. We would require a cancellation form to be completed in order for us to process your request. Please be aware that cancellation forms received on or after the 10th of the month will not be processed before the Direct Debit instruction is requested from your bank account for collection on the 16th of the month. Cancellation forms are available from all leisure centre reception desks.